About Us

About Us

by ogec

OGEC is a group of experienced seismic QC consultants, interpretation professionals and HSE QC consultants, geodetic and others  with many years of experience locally and internationally.  HSE, geodetic survey and other professionals got expertise   working with local and multinational companies for  nearly 15 years. Some of the seismic companies that our consultants worked for in the past are listed below.


MOL International Oil and Gas Co. B.V  (Hungry), BP ( British Petroleum), PGNIG (Polish company), Mari Petroleum Company Limited, United Energy Pakistan, Petroleum Exploration (Pvt.) Ltd (PEL), Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL).


OGEC conform to the following HSE standards published by the International Association of Geophysical Contractors as for HSE.

  • Land Geophysical Safety Manual
  • Environmental Manual for Worldwide Geophysical Operations


We provide QC consultancy services to E & P companies   with expertise in seismic data acquisition and processing quality control, field geology, HSE, laser scanning and  provision of relevant skilled man power. In addition geophysical services   for geotechnical/ water investigation in general.  Working across multiple sectors, we have a depth and breadth of knowledge enabling us to solve problems innovatively.

We develop and support successful relationships with our clients through collaboration and being honest, flexible and responsive in our approach.  Our high standards and enthusiasm are valued by our clients and have earned us the reputation we are proud of.

Our work is varied and challenging, but with a friendly and supportive team it is highly rewarding. By being flexible we sustain a desirable work-life balance while providing excellent support to our clients.


OGEC is functional for last many years providing services of QC consultant for seismic data acquisition,  HSE,  Topographic surveying and 3D laser scanning and modelling for companies (Locally and internationally). Also provide geotechnical/geological professionals to other sectors in the field of geophysical (Resistivity, gravity, magnetic and refraction) surveys.


OGEC is registered with the Tax Department of Pakistan. OGEC professionals are well experienced to take challenging job in all terrains without compromising on quality and cost.



OGEC Services Include:

  • Seismic QC consulting
  • Onsite seismic data processing
  • HSE QC consulting
  • Seismic and other project scouting services
  • Trouble shooting of seismic crews to expedite the efficiency in general.
  • Third party auditor relevant to technical jobs

You can check more about our services here.