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OGEC works in all stages/types of E & P projects locally and internationally. Expertise is also available for 3D laser scanning and modelling. We provide skilled/semi-skilled manpower and support to investigate equipment/ machinery problems for different industries including seismic survey for oil & gas exploration.


The professionals here are well aware that each and every project has different issues to address to   complete it safely,  saving  cost and time. Such problems vary from project to project and our consultants are capable to deal with these,   based on the analytical study pertaining to any project and the situation. They suggest innovative ideas to contractor for project completion. Comprehensive HSE procedures combined with real time application of technical knowledge to monitor and control methods used by contractors throughout the operations/surveys.


Seismic exploration has become more complex and cost concerned over the years and there are lot of things that need to look at to make sure that our clients are getting better return of their money. Having an experienced seismic QC consultant to supervise field operations saves client from dealing with problems that  can arise on any seismic survey. OGEC consultants served different companies and know a lot about 2D/3D seismic quality control. Working of consultants is  to avoid taking chances on drilling without the desired quality seismic data.


OGEC provides experienced survey QC and management consultants available for short or long term operations. Our senior geodetic consultants worked  for leading seismic companies using Trimble, Leica and Sercel GPS systems as well as the industry standard GP Seismic software package.


The survey QC Consultants are well trained to handle the industry survey equipment in all terrains to stakeout wells and carry out the related civil work and camping. They have completed various 3D  laser scanning and modelling of processing facilities and civil architecture.


OGEC expertise in field geology, geophysical services   for geotechnical/water investigations, project management and arranging skilled man power for the E & P, services companies and other industry in general are available for the worthy clients.

Services Overview

OGEC Services Include:

  • Seismic QC consulting
  • Onsite seismic data processing
  • HSE QC consulting
  • Seismic and other project scouting services
  • Trouble shooting of seismic crews to expedite the efficiency in general.
  • Third party auditor relevant to technical jobs
  • Project management
  • Geodetic surveying
  • Well takeout/ civil work surveying and 3D laser scanning and modelling
  • Geological field work
  • Providing support to investigate equipment/machinery problems different industries including Seismic.
  • Providing Company Man and skilled/semi-skilled man power for E & P companies and general industry.




OGEC’s seismic QC consultants are able to cover the whole range of seismic survey acquisition techniques. They got experience to acquire excellent quality data using 1C and 3C geophones and overcome noises in case of low frequency geophones in field. Many of our seismic acquisition consultants have more than 15 years’ experience in the field with a wide variety of seismic recording instruments and energy sources in  the land, transition zone, shallow water or deep water marine  2D/3D projects.


To ensure that the seismic contractor’s equipment is performing to acceptable standards our seismic consultants can carry out  full technical audits, pre-survey or post survey according to client’s needs. We assure the client of unbiased evaluation of the performance of the contractors and their equipment with any recommendations for future surveys.


Our seismic QC consultants are experienced at evaluating data from experimental test lines and can assist to select source and receiver parameters to ensure the best possible data at reasonable cost.



OGEC can provide QC processing consultants to work on a worldwide basis. Our professionals have experience to handle on land and marine 2D and 3D projects as well as transition zone processing and have worked with various systems including Omega, Promax, Focus, Vista and Hampson Russell.



OGEC Consultants can provide complete HSE management services for the duration of a project, short or long term.  Our HSE consultants provide professional HSE management and reporting enabling line management to take care of production.


Ensuring that a contractor maintains the required standards of HSE as per agreement.  One of the best ways to ensure compliance is by performing a complete HSE audit, either pre-survey or during the operational phase. OGEC provides the experienced professionals to have the HSE audit performed with all of the equipment and operations related to a seismic survey.



OGEC provide the most comprehensive scouting service available in the industry to do the leg work to avoid unforeseen pitfalls leading to extra budget.  OGEC consultants utilize their best efforts to identify the many important points that provide detailed guideline prior to begin the project in a new location.


TROUBLE SHOOTING OF SEISMIC CREWS TO EXPEDITE THE EFFEICENCY IN GENERAL Sometimes a seismic crew needs trouble shooting to improve its working. As our experts apply workable ideas which boost up production, data quality and HSE side by side. Similarly, we plan the trouble shooting of seismic crews without disturbing the justified interest of employer or employees or that of contractor or client. Due to oil and gas price reduction in market, crew efficiency  is of more concern.

OGECS’  expertise  help to  improve work  efficiency of a crew delivering excellent data quality. It is more important in areas of greater security risk and  prevailing  law and order situation, hence reducing the exposure period of crew in such disturbed areas.  Some times such trouble shooting on a project is of great interest for  client/contractor  to reduce cost   and manage  better security measures by way of reduction in project duration. Some of our clients already  considered it of much importance and saved time and money.

OGEC experts study the ground realities; suggest ideas which improves efficiency without compromising data quality or HSE operations.

We welcome our clients being contractor or company as it is of equal interest of both parties to complete the project much earlier of the planned schedule.